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•   Sue Courtney (Sharp)  4/3
•   Tom Kovalik  4/3
•   Sandy Murray (Keesee)  4/4
•   Debra Essman (Kacvinsky)  4/6
•   Linda Hotkevich (Hammen)  4/8
•   Larry Metz  4/10
•   Dave Thomas  4/10
•   Deborah Sokol (Dirksen)  4/13
•   Don Heider  4/16
•   Pam Flavel (Furlan)  4/17
•   Jerry Kahanec  4/18
•   Gary Rundblad  4/19
•   Gary Garretson (Gary Garretson)  4/21
•   Cathy Harmsen  4/23
•   Rhonda Ragusa (Wiechman)  5/1


Percentage of Joined Classmates: 48.2%

A:   187   Joined
B:   201   Not Joined


Condolences are extended to classmate Mike Pouk on the passing of his brother "Dave" Pouk on March 17th. An obituary can be found at

Condolences are also extended to classmate Peggy "Green" Sneed on the recent passing of her sister Mary Kay on March 13th. An obituary can be read at Messages of condolence can be shared with Peggy through this website.

Thanks to those classmates who have taken the time to fill out the reunion survey. Your input will help plan reunion activities. 

We have 390 classmates entered into the data base. Sadly we have 77 deceased. With 190 registered classmates, we still are missing about a third of our class. If you click on Classmate Profiles you can see our list. No symbol after a name indicates the person has not joined. If you know someone who could be interested in joining the class website please encourage these friends/acquaintances to register for the group. Thanks.

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The selected date for our 50th for the Class of 1970 is September 5th, 2000. Mark your calendar now. There will be an ice breaker on Friday night and several other activities planned. The committee is hard at work. A survey about the reunion was recently added to the website. Please take a moment to click on the 50th Reunion Survey link found on the top of the column on the left hand side of the homepage. Thank you!


Welcome to the Streator Township High School

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       We encourage you to check out our pages, and enjoy your visit!

      If you are a first time visitor, you will need to click on the link Classmate Profiles on the left side of  this page. Find your name and click on it. You can then create a profile and share as much info as you would like. You will also create your own personal password which will allow you access to the full website. Be sure to add your current address and email contact info on the Details page.

Classmate Allen Sweeden’s mother passed away Tuesday, June 11, 2019 at Heritage Health Therapy and Senior Care. Thoughts and prayers are extended to the Sweeden family. An obituary with details about the services for Mary Sweeden can be found at Allen is a member of this website and messages a be sent to him using the message center link under Member Functions on the left side of this page. 

We were recently asked to do some old photos of Streator Landmarks. Hopefully this set brings back a memory of growing up in Streator If you have a request for a pic of a certain business, church, school, etc. Let us know.



                              MEMORIES of MY YOUTH

I grew up in a little town called  Streator, Illinois ❤️ during a time when everyone treated each other like family. Our neighborhood parents disciplined us like we were their own. We didn't eat fast food. We drank Kool-aid, ate bologna sandwiches, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, we ate fish on Fridays and had Sunday at Grandma's house. We went outside to play games like red rover, baseball in a field with the neighborhood kids, hide and seek, swam in the creek, rode bicycles, hunted for frogs, caught fireflies, played football and basketball for hours at the neighbor's next door, and went sled riding down the hilly streets and built forts in the woods.. There was no bottled water. No GMO. No microwave or cable TV. No cell phones! We had very few air conditioned buildings!

We watched cartoons on Saturday morning, first one up had control of the tv, and not with a remote! Then, we went outside and played until dark. We would ride our bikes without helmets for hours...all without a cell phone or electronic games.

We weren't afraid of ANYTHING except our parents. You LEARNED from your parents and grandparents instead of disrespecting them and treating them as if they knew nothing. What they said might as well have been the gospel. If someone had a fight, that's what it was... a fist fight and you were back to being friends. Kids didn't have guns and never thought of taking a life, especially not their own.

School was MANDATORY. Education was valued. Good grades were an expectation! Teachers were respected. We had God, The Pledge of Allegiance to the flag, and The Lord's Prayer. We placed our hand over our heart!!! We went to church on Sunday mornings!! We watched what we said around our elders because we knew if we DISRESPECTED any grown up we would get our behinds busted! It wasn't called abuse. It was discipline! You didn't hear curse words on the radio or TV. IF you cursed, you got your mouth smacked or washed out with soap. Please and Thank You were part of our daily dialogue!

We had guns hanging in the back window of trucks during hunting season. We had unlocked doors and open window on our homes and vehicles, too.

Skated Friday nights away at the local skating rink when we were young...then cruised the roads in our cars on Friday nights!

Re-post if you're thankful for your childhood and will never forget where you came from! Wouldn't it be nice if it were possible to get back to this way of life?

Copy and paste. (Don't forget to change the name of the town to the one you grew up in.)
PS...I really miss those days!!!

Love theses pics from our youth! Cheerleaders for St. Mary's Royals. Front row Patti Forino, Sue Spraggon, Sally Lyons, Collleen Condon.  Back row Jean Rashid and Carla Nell

Everett Solon has shared that Streator Twp. High has plans to begin honoring distinguished retired members of their faculty and staff. We encourage you to nominate someone who impacted you while attending high school. A link to info providing details about who can be nominated and a nomination form can be found by using the following link

Someone posted this recently on the Facebook page "You know are are from Streator..." Several classmates on this team.

Check out this YouTube video featuring noteworthy graduates from STHS. Long at 35 minutes, but pretty interesting with some great shots of the high school.

Here is another video you might enjoy!

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Do any of these pics bring back memories of your childhood?


                                         Facebook Info

The class of 1970 has a Facebook page.You can access it at this address!/StreatorHighClassOf1970  You have to be a Facebook member, and also join the group, to post comments or add pictures, but you can visit the page to view what has been posted without being a Facebook member. Over 25 classmates belong to this group.

There is a also a page on Facebook called - You know you are from Streator ...... You have to be a Facebook member, and also join the group, to post or add pictures, but you can just visit the page to read some interesting tidbits of info, and see some great pictures. Several classmates have contributed pictures of Streator to this group, and many pictures used on this site were found on this Facebook page.               


 40th Reunion Videos  ( Please note these are 5 year old videos!) The Memorial Video, presented at the 45th reunion, can be found by clicking on the link located in the box to the left.  

 Here are the links:The Memorial video link  which is titled Memoris of our Departed Classmates SHS 1970 located at the following                                  

The actual reunion video can be found at  It is titled SHS Class of 1970.

Check out the link Photos of Friends. If you have pictures taken during a school event such as proms, dances, games, concerts, plays, etc which can be added to this page, please scan them and email them to and she will get them added. You can also send pictures to Mary V. and she will get them scanned, submitted and returned. Send a message through the message center if you need Mary's home address.



Check out

This website provides and aerial view of Streator. You can manipulate the arrows to find the general location of you old neighborhood or other places of interest to you.

Video about the Fire at the Lipton Tea Building - August of 2012 at  

Remember the Spudnut Shop? Squints? Klevers Market? Dog 'N Suds? Killer Hill? Pea Patch Road? Super Dairy? The pedal ice cream carts? Stacy's pool hall? Top Save? Hornsby's? The Roller Rink?  Dances at "The Hub"? Hill's? Check out the link Do You Remember?  for more "flashes from the past."

Let's head to Silverfross or Super Dairy for lunch!! Do you remember what a  buck would buy for us in 1970? How about a sandwich, fries and a Coke with change!!!!!


 Streator, My Home Town Video - Here is another video lput together by Ron Sauers which highlights old photos of Streator from years past.

 Tornado Videos from June,2010  is a video showing an aerial view of the tornado's path. It was produced by Ron Sauers (Class of '69).

A drive through the area continues to be a stark reminder of what the devastation a tornado can do to the landscape of a community. If you are returning to Streator for the reunion you should make the drive through the area.


Here's a YouTube video of the Streator Band playing the Fight Song at a Football game in case you have forgotten the tune. Sing Along!

We were surely showing our STHS loyalty at this basketball game. It is a photo from the 1969 Regionals against Ottawa. Fran Rohlman is the player facing to the right. Can you pick out anyone else?



Where was this taken? Think Catholic!!!
                 Class of 1970 Trivia Quiz

What 2 professions were not career choices of any our classmates?

P-------n and D----st

Who was Homecoming Queen our Senior Year?

Where was the Dawn Dance held on Graduation night?

If you belonged to the J.E.T.S. club you were interested in what profession?

The _______ was the monthly publication we could subscribe to while attending SHS.  

Who sang "Jean, Jean" for a Talent Show?

Which teacher used her chest as a resting area for her arms?

What date was our graduation?

What was the prom theme for our Senior prom?

The _______ ________ Flu made many of us sick our Junior year?

What year did our class have the best football season?  _______

How about basketball season _______?

Who used 3 by 5 notecards to remember seating assignments?

2 clubs primarily used Sat. mornings for their "meetings." Name both  _____________   ____________

Name 2 women who worked in the office at SHS?  _________________  ____________________

Key club collected what item for a project for Dixon State School for Children?

What was Mr. Westlake's official title at SHS?

We had several evacuations because of _________ ____________.
Name the 4 streets that border Streator High  ________________  _______________  _______________   ___________________________

Who wrote NINE RAHS for Dear Old Streator High?

What is the last word in that song?

Who is our class historian?
Do you have some trivia you want to share? Want the answers to the questions asked above? Send a message to Mary Volkman and she will get your trivia posted on this website and/or answer your questions.