Tom Wiemken

Profile Updated: July 6, 2010
Residing In: St. Petersburg, FL USA
Spouse/Partner: Els
Occupation: Clinical Pharmacist
Children: Emily - born 1990 -age 20 - Student Eckerd college-Junior

Pieter Emerson, born 1991- age 18, More…begins Florida State 8/2010
Military Service: USAF 1970-1974  

Jeeez... 40 years, Holy Crap! Never thought I would get to this age! I may be eligible for senior citizens discounts, and I may be an AARP member; BUT, I still have 7-8 years to work to complete the education obligation to my kids and pay off the mortgage. Can't sell in this market. Hoping the health holds out...

I am currently a Clinical Pharmacist, at Bay Pines VA hospital, in St Petersburg, Fla. My speciality is Pain Management. I manage a clinic here with 450 - 500 patients. I think I can do this job for another 8 years or so... after all, it is not roofing in the Florida summer!

I also own the mortgage on, and manage a lovely 9 unit rental property in beautiful downtown St. Petersburg, Fla. (see #54051). Anyone interested in a Florida vacation, especially when Illinois is locked up in an ice cube, may be interested in checking it out.

School Story:

Regrettably, my high school years were a testament to successful underachiement. I barely squeezed by with some very tense moments at the end when I almost did not graduate after I was booted out of Mcgurski's welding class for escaping after the roll was taken. Mcgurksi's quote "Wimp, just like baseball, strike 3 and you are OUT! I am sure that I had more than 3 strikes but who was counting. Big problem was that I needed that 1 hr welding credit to graduate!

Heck, my 1952 Chevy was still running at the end of the semester and that was supposed to be my criterea for my passing the class anyway (deal between Mcgurski and myself), since I absolutely hated welding! Everything would have been fine had principle (whats his name) not come to my welding class looking for me. Unfortunately, I was not amoung my jacketed and helmeted classmates who were dilligently practicing their vertical and horizontal welds, as Mr Mcgurski had told the principle...I embarrassed Mr. Mcgurski badly... I embarrassed a teacher who only tried to help me, always regretted that.

I did not know if I would graduate until the diploma was in my hand...

But Streator was a great place to grow up and allowed me to develop life skills that eventually have paid off... Old Joe "Wimp, you got shit in your neck" Hall, and his "rinky dink of the week" designation prepared me well.

The best part of Streator TWP HS, that I still enjoy today are the lasting lifetime friendships made. I am still in frequent contact with Corny Leonard and Rob Crego, and we still visit and keep up with each others lives. Those two dudes are really getting old!

Do you still see/talk to/hang out with any classmates? Who?

Cornelius Leonard
Rob Crego

What did you do right after high school?

:: Well, for the most part, I have stayed out of trouble... received an education, and married the terrific mother of my children.

What did you want to do or think you were going to do when you finished high school?

Add Your Answer Here no clue

Where have you lived since you graduated from STHS?

Add Your Answer Here Where I had apartments with mailing address: Charleston & Myrtle Beach South Carolina; Singapore; Phuket & Khorat Thailand; Tortola BVI; Halifax NS; NYC; San Francisco; Hong Kong;

If you like to travel, where is(are) your favorite spot(s) to visit?

Add Your Answer Here Gulf of Thailand; New Zealand

When was the last time you did something for the first time? What was it?

Add Your Answer Here 7/4/10 - took motorcycle safety course to get MC license

What would we be surprised to know about you?

Add Your Answer Here :: Raising children has been the best experience BY FAR, in my life. I am glad that I did not miss the opportunity.