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Sally Hopkins (Hicks)

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09/22/14 05:21 PM #1    

Joan Eilts (Bost)

Boy do I have memories of my best friend Sallie.  Many I can't share. LOL  But the one that comes to mind is her family car had been wrecked.  It was all fixed and she was told she could use the car for Friday night.  We all remember what it meant to get the car on the week-end.  Well she and I went after school to get the car from the repair shop.  Drove down Main St. about 3-4 blocks and BANG!  Wrecked the car AGAIN!  Needless to say we didn't get the car that night but boy was her dad mad. lol  Sallie was my friend since third grade and we stayed close all through high school and beyond.  Our lives drifted apart for a number of years but NEVER did she stop being my best friend.  We reconnected over the past years and I am blessed to of seen her just last year.  My heart is broken but I know I will see her again.  She was a hell of a gal and fought like hell to beat this damn cancer.  But now she is flying with the angels.  Love you Sal!  See you on the other side.

09/22/14 06:03 PM #2    

Rita Mickelson (Stewart) can it be!!  I grew up with Sallie. I remember when we started Kindergarten, I went to morning Kindergarten, and she went to afternoon. It was tramatic! We didn't know how we were going to survive being seperated that long. Everyone knew we were always together, that's why our mothers always knew if they found one of us, they'd find the other. The stories I could tell y'all!!  It would take forever to tell them. Sometimes we stayed out of trouble, and sometimes we didn't. But she always had my back. If I needed anything,she was always there. A breakup with a boyfriend, she was there, listening to me crying and agreeing to be my spy to find out what he was doing. A new love, she was there. Got pregnant, and she was the first one I told. Got married, and the only reason she wasn't there is because my Mom wouldn't let me invite any of my friends. When I had my daughter, she was there. Like I said, she had my back. When my Dad went into the hospital, it was her Dad that meet us after school to tell me Mom and Dad where at the hospital and I needed to come to their house until they got home. They fed me and comforted me throughtout the evening. I remember crying my eyes out, and Sallie kept telling me it would be ok. When my Dad passed away, (a few days later), she was the first one who came to the house to see me, "just me". She cried with me, talked with me, and comforted me.  I loved her like a sister, and we shared secrets, dreams, and plans for the future. We laughed together, cried together, and at times, got mad at one another. But we always knew we'd always be BFF. She will be missed so much, but she will always be in my thoughts and prayers. You're no longer an angel on earth, now you're an angel in heaven. Heaven is jubilated!! Until we meet again, love you Sal.


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