videos of water polo in pe class
Posted Saturday, August 21, 2010 11:51 AM

I know because I've seen them that there were films taken by Davies of some of his basketball teams playing,  probably for scouting or strategy purposes.  But what of videos of the water polo contests we had in pe classes where we used a volleyball and scored by planting that ball on a metal standard by the side of the pool?  Would be interesting to see guys getting punched or kneed in the groin area to get them to give up the ball, or drowning one another.  Other than the claim for water purity purposes I can't figure the inclination of coaches desiring to have us perform for them in the nude.  I'm sure Jon Mayfield would have gotten much notice if he would have competed at State for his third place finish au natural.  Playing roughhouse in those conditions naked must have gotten some coaches excited, otherwise why do it?     Homer Simpson speaking to Marge:  " Hey whats the big deal everybody pees in the pool at some point, "   Yes, says Marge, but not from the diving board!