my worst day at shs
Posted Tuesday, May 11, 2010 07:33 PM

My, but this is a hard one.  There were so many worst days, how can I pick from them all.  But since I must here it is:  There was a pe teacher by the name of Swede Lundberg.  A rather large oafish man.  When I was a freshman in pe he was the teacher that day, and I was about 5 foot 4 and 112 pounds, and I said something stupid I can't remember what it was but if you knew me then you'd know that I was a bit of a class clown kind of like George Carlin but not as witty.  So he didn't like this little shit freshman saying something he considered disrespectful and whacked the piss out of me across my face with a stirring forehand that would have done Roger Federer proud.  My tooth or teeth cut my mouth and lip nastily and I bled like a stuck pig.  Had to go to the bathroom sticking my head under a stream of cold water to stanch the bleeding.  I think Lundberg kind of freaked out and realized he'd messed me up good, tried to apologize and I could think of was to try to stop that bleeding.  Never told my father about it, can't remember if Henson or Westlake ever found out about it either.  But that was a rather poignant point in a pusillanimous pugilistic prick of a man mister Lundberg.